St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF-2021)

KRUS-Zapad Company participated in the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum October 5 to 8, 2021 – one of the most reputable business events in the gas industry.The issues discussed on the Forum were dedicated to the development of the Russian gas market and global gas market development trends.

KRUS-Zapad Company presented its innovative Russian-made products that are intended both for normal and explosive environments. The Company exhibited MexTRACE-RMO-EXE, MexTRACE-RMM-EXE series multipurpose load control modules, K-PANEL, K-BLOCK, KMV-S, K-CUBE-EJB, MexTRACE-BOX(e) series 0.4/6/10 kV switchgears, Ex switches, software and hardware packages, HCR, MCU, MTU series controllers.

The ingenious products offered by KRUS-Zapad Company make it possible to achieve maximum energy savings and significant savings in capital and operational expenses.

The products are duly certified and approved as appropriate, including INTERGAZCERT certification, CU TR certification, Russian Maritime Register approvals, ST1 type certification of Russian origin, and measurement device type certification.

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