Delivery of Equipment & Materials

Our Customers Who Placed Confidence in Us

пост1.jpgKRUS-Zapad Company is one of the major vendors for the energy sector, woodworking companies, chemical and metallurgical industries, rail transport etc. We are leaders in the Russian market for automated EHT systems, LV and MV electrical equipment, Ex equipment, 0.4/6/10 kV equipment, packaged transformer substations, hardware and software packages, and automation.

The KRUS-Zapad Company team has gained extensive experience in developing and commercializing highly sophisticated products and systems, to accommodate the needs of any complexity. Accurate performance is achieved with a wide variety of options and using equipment and materials of any type and capacity.

пост2.jpg By placing orders for the products manufactured by KRUS-Zapad Company, a customer gets the following benefits:

  • performance by knowledgeable specialists;
  • minimum lead times;
  • convenience (single contractor responsibility at all stages);
  • high automation level;
  • largest manufacturing capabilities.

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