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KRUS-Zapad Company is a full-service engineering and manufacturing company with strong presence in the Russian market that focuses on automated EHT systems, electrical equipment, hardware and software packages and design solutions for industrial automation.

KRUS-Zapad Company has been a partner of the major metallurgical companies for many years, working with RUSAL United Company, Severstal etc. We apply exclusively tailored solutions in many projects related to heat tracing, automation and delivery of 0.4/6/10 kV equipment to metallurgical plants and iron and steel works.


Metallurgical plants are especially susceptible to condensation problems in gas treatment stations. Accumulated condensate brings about casing failure resulting in prompt outages. Industrial EHT systems by KRUS-Zapad Company are used to trace equipment of any configuration and level of sophistication. The system is suitable for freezing protection, equipment warmup and maintaining preset temperature.

100% Russian-made equipment manufactured in our facilities, many years of experience, in-house computer-aided packages and one-of-a-kind proprietary devices guarantee reliable operation, safety and best total cost.


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