After-Sales & Warranty Services

Our Customers Who Placed Confidence in Us

сервисное обслуживание 1.pngKRUS-Zapad Company is a full-service Russian engineering and manufacturing company that focuses on automated industrial EHT systems, LV and MV electrical equipment, hardware and software packages and design solutions for industrial automation, Ex electrical equipment for corrosive and explosive environments, packaged modular buildings and pre-fab structures to supply power to process plants and industrial facilities.

KRUS-Zapad Company has been a regular partner of the major companies in the energy sector, chemical, metallurgical, woodworking and rail transport industries for over 15 years now.

Relying heavily on our huge operation experience, we guarantee a smooth and trouble-free operation of the equipment we supply for the entire service life, provided the user follows all regulations and timely maintenance requirement.

сервисное обслуживание 2.pngAny warranty-related service activities are performed by a team of top specialists of KRUS-Zapad Company in short order. We offer after-sales and warranty servicing and post-warranty maintenance of equipment and EHT systems, technical support and personnel training. With our guarantees, the customer is safe from buying poor equipment or components.

The after-sales, warranty and post-warranty services extended by KRUS-Zapad Company cover the following:

  • warranty and post-warranty system maintenance;
  • keeping the supplied/manufactured equipment and EHT systems in a normal operable state throughout its cost-effective life from the operator’s standpoint;
  • supervision and assistance in respect of implemented projects at the stage of operation;
  • system upgrades based on customer specifications.

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