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KRUS-Zapad Company is a full-service Russian engineer and manufacturer of automated industrial EHT systems, LV and MV electrical equipment, hardware and software packages and design solutions for industrial automation.

KRUS-Zapad Company has been a regular partner of the industry players for 15 years, delivering solutions for heat tracing of railways and points.


Snow and icing impacts the railway infrastructure in a highly negative way, resulting in upsets and delayed train schedules. Moreover, it may have catastrophic consequences. Use of electric heat tracing has become a real breakthrough. The underlying concept is based on a heater to heat the points and prevent freezing. Heaters may be delivered separately or in assembly with all associated equipment, including mounting materials and accessories, a control system, intermediate transformers and power cables.

A control system may integrate a rail temperature sensor, precipitation sensor, and snow detector, to keep track of the environmental conditions and control the EHT system remotely and with maximum energy efficiency.

100% Russian-made equipment manufactured in our facilities, many years of experience, in-house computer-aided packages and one-of-a-kind proprietary devices guarantee reliable operation, safety and best total cost.


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