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KRUS-Zapad Company is one of the major vendors with leading positions in the Russian market for automated EHT systems, LV and MV electrical equipment, hardware and software packages and design solutions for industrial automation.

KRUS-Zapad Company has been a partner of the major companies in the industry for many years, working with SIBUR Holding, Ammoni, Kaustik, Tomskneftekhim, Titan Group, Poliom, Apatit. Our solutions have been applied in many EHT and electrical equipment delivery projects for nitrogen, ammonia, methanol, urea, ammonium nitrate, fertilizer plants, etc.

Today’s chemical industry calls for a more advanced and efficient technology to ensure smooth operation while meeting stringent environmental and safety requirements. Electrical heat tracing (EHT) is one of them. Process plants, interconnections, storage tanks, pump houses and compressor stations make up just a small fraction of the facilities to be heat traced. Industrial EHT systems by KRUS-Zapad Company are suitable for any type of pipelines, vessels and tanks, and other types of process equipment, including those operated in hazardous areas.


An industrial EHT system provides for

  • freezing protection;
  • equipment warmup;
  • maintaining preset temperature;
  • heat tracing of instrumentation and controls.

100% Russian-made equipment manufactured in our facilities, many years of experience, in-house computer-aided packages and one-of-a-kind proprietary devices guarantee reliable operation, safety and best total cost.


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