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KRUS-Zapad Company is an advanced and fast evolving full-service Russian company that engineers and manufactures automated industrial EHT systems, LV and MV electrical equipment, hardware and software packages, Ex electrical equipment and packaged modular buildings to supply power to process plants and industrial facilities.

“Double-check to make sure” is a common saying. Whatever business a company might be engaged in, it will have to have an audit inspection some day or other, be it large corporations with extensive manpower or small businesses.

A technical audit is an advanced and efficient procedure to examine engineering and manufacturing systems to check the company’s health, reveal its reserves, increase efficiency, assess future turnaround costs and energy expenditures.

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Technical auditors study licenses for the technologies used, equipment certificates, company managerial documents, operation and turnaround logs, inspect the way the production facilities run, test-run the equipment and carry out measurement activities, take readings from metering instruments, check for energy debts and license fee debts.

Auditors may issue recommendations regarding both general workplace culture and global restructuring or diversification, if theteam of KRUS-Zapad Company deems it necessary in order to boost the company performance.

The takeaways from a technical audit are taken down in an engineering report, which contains all findings (responses to questions) and best possible ways to address problems supported by financial estimates.

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