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KRUS-Zapad Company is a Russian manufacturer of automated industrial EHT systems, including skin effect heat tracing. The company develops solutions relying on the experience and expertise gained through many years of cooperation with the global EHT leaders.


It is hard to envisage all challenges that a company may encounter on the way to its goals. So it is only through competent design effort by a professional engineering team that the entire picture could be revealed, and all potential expenses outlined for a successful project delivery.

KRUS-Zapad Company has an extensive track record of engineering for the energy sector, chemical, metallurgical and woodworking industries, and for rail transport manufacturers and operators.

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The services offered by KRUS-Zapad Company have many benefits as compared to other engineering companies, specifically:

  • Quick engineering – the engineering process is more than 90% computer-aided;
  • Vast experience – the company enjoys more than 10 years of engineering experience covering over 950 projects of various degree of sophistication;
  • Custom-tailored approach – multiple specific factors are considered in engineering, like cable route layouts, location of heated facilities in respect of power equipment, etc.;
  • Optimized engineering solutions and cost – engineering covers both heating and power circuits, panels and controllers, to ensure a comprehensive approach and select the best possible options;

  • Quick implementation of changes – we ensure  prompt implementation of changes, irrespective of complexity level;
  • Highly qualified personnel.

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