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KRUS-Zapad Company is a full-service Russian engineer and manufacturer of automated industrial EHT systems, including skin effect heat tracing. We provide a package of services ranging from EPC through to installation, supervised installation and commissioning of EHT systems, thermal insulation, packaged transformer substations, panels and industrial automation.

To ensure a full 0.4/6/10/35 kV electrical plant commissioning capability, we have an electrical laboratory, which has been fitted out with every required equipment possible, and all tools for installation and supervised installation jobs.

монтаж шнр пнр 2.pngFields that require supervised installation and commissioning are:

  • oil refining;
  • gas processing;
  • chemical industry;
  • power industry; 
  • mining.

We achieve top quality of performance due to our highly skilled professionals, who are tested on an annual basis by Rostekhnadzor departments and have all required permits and certifications.

The customer will benefit from the installation, supervised installation and commissioning services performed by KRUS-Zapad Company as the company offers:

  • swift performance due to good experience and high proficiency of the staff;
  • a full set of equipment – company personnel are outfitted with every tool and fixture to perform special type work;
  • end-to-end performance – the employees of KRUS-Zapad Company can boast a good record of work in their specific fields for at least 10 years on average, and are therefore capable of delivering the complete scope of services.

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