Works for Sibneftetransproyekt are completed

Завершены работы для ОАО "Сибнефтетранспроект"

The year 2021 saw successful completion of engineering activities for an electrical heat tracing system in the Petersburg Oil Terminal under a contract with Sibneftetransproyekt. KRUS-Zapad Company applied highly sophisticated technology and innovations to ensure high efficiency of the electrical heat tracing system.

The engineers made sure that the design met all customer specifications, and delivered comprehensive plans including heat tracing layouts and configuration, and power usage and heat loss details.

Careful consideration was given to material and component selection. The Company opted for high-quality cables of its own make and heating elements that were the best options for reliable and sustained operation.

In this way, the engineers came up with a heat tracing system for the Petersburg Oil Terminal that was fully compliant and capable of maintaining the temperature effectively. That contributed to process continuity and boosted plant efficiency.

So, as one can see, a heat tracing engineering job for Sibneftetransproyekt’s Petersburg Oil Terminal demonstrated an effective implementation of world-class heat tracing technology and innovations by KRUS-Zapad Company.

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