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Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery

Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery

Site: Omsk

Customer: Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery

Project Delivery Timelines: 2009-2021

Service Package: engineering, EHT system delivery, construction, installation, supervised installation, commissioning


- effluent treatment facilities

- unit 19/3 - Enhancing bitument clovertainer shipping

- diesel fuel hydro-treater / deparaffinizer

- crude distillation unit АВТ-10

- upgrade of catcracker regeneration gas treater (turnkey). Crystallization unit. Catalyst fines precipitator

- transformer substation 147. Frequency converter replacement

- construction of Advanced Oil Refining Complex

- catcracker regeneration gas treater. Seawater treater. Scrubber С-101 seal pot

- catcracker regeneration gas treater. Additional piping

- construction of non-public railway tracks for Automated On-Spot Loading Unit 2 in Feed And Product Storage 2

- revamps of cat reforming plant (Л-35\11-600). Temporary substations

- air compressor room with an N2 unit

- offsite facilities for the crude desalter and vacuum pipe still, delayed coker and Advanced Oil Refining Complex. Fire water tanks and a fire pump house

- crude unit АТ-9

- main stepdown substation ГПП-6Н

- Revamp of transformer substation 17

- offsite complex of the diesel hydrotreater and cat cracked gasoline hydrotreater

- bitumen unit 19/3

- hydrotreaters for diesel fuels and gasolines

- unloading, storage and inventory terminal in the finished product warehouse. EHT system for point switch

- isomerization plant

- isomerization plant offsites

- Automated On-Spot Loading Unit #2. EHT system for light oil product piping to railcars of Feed and Product Storage Facility 2

- Feed pump house and an instrument room. Retrofit of crude distillation unit АВТ-10 (crude desalter and vacuum pipe still)

- Feed pump house and an instrument room and distribution transformer substation

- Unit 19/3. Replacement of oxidation gas reservoirs upstream of incinerator И-1

- Facility #2. Catcracker КТ-1/1. Standardization of centrifugal gas blower systems (ЦК-301/1), turnkey. Anemometer GM 8908. EHT system.

- diesel fuel additive injection unit. EHT system

- Delayed coker. EHT of crane runways

- Facility #4. Cat reforming section Л-35/11-600

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