Railway Tracks and Points

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free-icon-badge-1727745.png Efficiency - heat tracing is homogeneous on all points

free-icon-screwdriver-988663.png Easy to install – reduced manhours

free-icon-like-492930.png Safety – power lines protected with 30 mA RCCBs and circuit breakers

ruble1 — копия.png Cost-effectiveness - only if necessary

free-icon-manufacturing-1814432.pngEasy to operate – self-test automation systems are used

free-icon-automation-2103686.png Automation – remote system control and self-diagnostics

premium-icon-project-management-3286758.png Reliability – EHT service life is at least 25 years


ck-th-r.pngKRUS-Zapad Company produces CK-TERM industrial electrical heat tracing (EHT) systems using high-end technology, top grade materials, and a proprietary software package.

KRUS-Zapad Company relies on these resources to perform full-scale design, engineering, generation and implementation of solutions to heat trace railway tracks and points.

As winter sets in, the angle between the point and stock rail often gets filled with snow and ice inhibiting the points from normal functioning. An EHT system becomes a useful tool in tackling snow and ice accumulation while minimizing manual cleaning. EHT is fully automatic and protects the points from icing and snow packs or precipitations keeping the points operational even in most challenging weather conditions.

The underlying concept is based on a heater to heat the points and prevent freezing. Heaters may be delivered separately or in assembly with all associated equipment, including mounting materials and accessories, a control system, intermediate transformers and power cables.

A control system integrates a rail temperature sensor, precipitation sensor, and snow detector, to keep track of the environmental conditions and control the EHT system remotely.

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